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Shawn Novel & Associates is a reputed law firm committed to providing excellent quality legal services to its clients. At our firm, we understand the needs of our clients and value them in the highest priority. Our expertise and experience are devoted to prompt delivery of professional legal services to our clients. We strive and ensure to protect and safeguard our clients’ interests through preventive measures. By the same taken whenever needed, we are equally determined in adopting corrective measure for our clients to recover in cagey and volatile markets. With high level of standard, expertise, commitment and determination, we maintain an upfront position in representing clients in the national and international arena. We believe in leadership, creativity and extraordinary client service, and have developed teams of specialized lawyers to provide expert legal advice and representation to all our clients.

Since its establishment, the firm has represented its corporate clients from incorporation to their pertinent legal matters, advising and addressing issues on company structure and shareholder’s rights, rectification of share registers and liquidation. We have successfully represented clients before Court on commercial issues, corporate and banking matters involving cheque fraud and contract enforcement. We are experienced in advising clients on laws and regulations pertaining to compliance.
We represent and advise foreign corporations in government procurement contracts and projects. We advise companies in major industrial level point joint ventures and regularly advise, draft and carry out due diligence on employment issues in light of the prevailing labor laws and their subsequent amendments. Clients seek our advice in matters of securities and derivatives and compliance with SEC laws. We dispense legal opinions in areas of acquisition finance, asset finance, the global capital markets, Islamic finance, project finance, real estate finance, restructuring and insolvency and trade, commodity and export finance.
In the context of property law we ensure to advise objectively and reasonably with primary focus on the rights and obligations of our clients. We are experienced in drafting pari passu and hypothecation agreements. Our firm in conjunction and addition to the above-mentioned is specialized in representing clients in the real estate sector. Our responsibilities include, amongst others, due diligence on property’s title, ownership and third party encumbrances, vetting, conveyance and registration. We are equipped to offer full range of legal services to life and general insurance companies and represent them in litigation, ADR, arbitration and settlements. In addition our corporate team advises insurance companies on internal corporate decision making and compliance.
We are very much aware as to the growing number of disputes in the admiralty and the maritime arena by reason of Bangladesh Sea ports emerging as an important harbor in International Trade. We are well equipped to advise the clients in matters of admiralty and maritime law and have the requisite experience in handling cases of such nature. We are specialized in dealing with claims arising in conjunction and addition to the admiralty and maritime sectors extending to marine insurance. In cases of dispute and / or interpretation of clauses, we encourage and facilitate speedy and amicable settlements by means of ADR like negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Our dispute resolution specialists offer advice that is timely, commercially focused and sensitive to corporate risks. Our teams of litigators are well versed in different branches of constitutional, civil, criminal and administrative law.

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