Angel investment is widely used as the source of financing primarily for startups in exchange of equity participation in the target companies. Often the entrepreneurs seek angel investments to finance startups as the terms angel or seed investments are often more favorable than loans and other forms of financing. Such investments require detailed legal supervisions for protection of the concerned parties, particularly the investors, in terms of fulfillment of contractual obligations by the target companies. Shawn Novel & Associates is equipped to provide quality advice in light of applicable laws to make such investments effective and secure. Depending on the form of investment, our counsels devise the appropriate strategic and legal models that allow the angel investors and the entrepreneurs to meet their specific needs in a secure platform. The focus is on devising the effective legal conduits and minimizing risks through proper frameworks. We represent clients in negotiations, drafting and finalizing investment term sheets and equity participations in companies through investments. Our services extend to drafting and advising clients on framing internal regulations and devising legal frameworks for management and administration.