Arbitration is most popular form of alternative dispute resolutions in today’s commercial world, be it insurance, construction, energy, shipping or other industries. Given its practicability, it is gaining momentum in all fields, most notably in financial services. With the busy schedules of courts and the complexities of litigation particularly in light of cross border transactions, arbitration has become a chosen resort for speedy and cheaper solution to resolving disputes. Shawn Novel & Associates has a specialized group of experts who are internationally trained and experienced in different aspects of arbitration. With the increase of international trade, the applicability of UNCITRAL model laws, the New York Convention and ICC rules have become increasingly significant in the context of international commercial arbitrations.  We believe in coping with the new developments and delivering the best to our clients, so we have acquired comprehensive and unsurpassed knowledge of this aspect of legal world. Our lawyers are particularly apt at local and international commercial arbitrations involving corporations, construction companies, and power plants. Our pride is in securing and enforcing arbitral awards and judgments through our experience, skills and the technical know-how. We have experience in representing clients in the region and strive to achieve the best possible outcome in every situation. We thrive on quality and time management ensuring the best possible outcomes for clients in cost-effective manner. No manner which side we represent, we ensure that our firm excels in quality management in terms of both substantive and procedural aspects of an arbitration.