Shawn Novel & Associates is committed to the setup and growth of businesses. Our experienced lawyers are equipped to advise clients from the feasibility, planning and selection stage to choosing the correct legal entity for incorporation. We carry out the drafting and filing required for formation of corporations. Out teams carries out and executes the requisite contract review and drafting of essential documents. Often in Bangladesh the tendency is to pay little attention at the inception stage. We differ greatly on that front and pay detailed attention to the constitution of the company to enable our clients a smooth start and expansion of business. We guide our clients in contract negotiations, preparation and review, franchising, facilities acquisition (lease or purchase), employment issues, commercial code and general business matters, corporate, industrial establishment and liaison office / branch office / partnership incorporations, articles for incorporation (MEMART), TIN, trademark agreements, stock certificates, buy & sell agreements, stock subscription agreements etc. At the post incorporation stage, we provide our clients a range of corporate legal services on business acquisitions and mergers, key contracts, real estate leases and purchase agreements, employee matters and business transactions and compliance. We have successfully represented numerous multi-national corporations helped them setup their presence in Bangladesh through incorporation in the most feasible legal form. Our clients have ranged from startups to MNCs and we have always successfully represented them in setting up their businesses and operations in compliance with the administrative and regulatory frameworks in a timely and cost-effective manner.