Conveyance involves complex legal hoops in the context of Bangladesh. When a property is transferred, a series of substantial and procedural legal and administrative work needs to be overseen for rightful transfer of legal and equitable ownership. Whether in the context of purchase and sale of property, or acquisition of mortgage and lien, Shawn Novel and Associates is skilled at advising on all aspects of conveyancing with expertise on substantive, procedural and technical laws. We represent a wide range of clients throughout Bangladesh and abroad, from first-time buyers to experienced property developers and investors. In the face of problems or administrative obstacles, we remain steadfast at devising solutions for our clients and keep the transactions alive. Amongst other things our team can provide experienced service on title acquisitions, drafting and reviewing contracts, transfer of legal and equitable ownerships, property gifts and underlying tax considerations, preparing and registering powers of attorney, setting up trust and charities etc.  We also make sure that our clients are well informed about every stage of conveyancing during a transaction. We are skilled at matters ranging from simple sale or transfer to due diligence, inheritance, gifts and Hebas, partition, correction of records and any and all form of title matters. In contentious matters we are steadfast at representing our clients in the due forums and exercise our best endeavors in ensuring speedy and cost-effective trials. In matter of corporations, we conduct effective due diligence to minimize risk exposure of our clients through title deeds, khatian records and independent search at the concerned government and administrative offices. Shawn Novel & Associates takes pride in its representation of its clients’ interests and property law remains to be one its fortes.