Corporate Law Firm in Bangladesh

We are one of the best corporate law firm in Bangladesh. Legal advises on internal management, employment issues and third party relations are of paramount importance with the growth and expansion of the commercial sector. Shawn Novel & Associates offers a wide spectrum of services designed for the unique needs of a corporation. We are proficient at providing services essential to the core functions of corporate counsels on matters of licensing, product safety, sale of business, mergers and acquisitions, corporate due diligence, office management and discipline, real estate and regulatory compliance, other in-house facilities.

We have successfully represented numerous multi-national corporations by helping them setup their presence in Bangladesh through incorporation in the most feasible legal form. We guide our clients in contract negotiations, preparation and review, franchising, facilities acquisition (lease or purchase), employment issues, commercial code and general business matters, corporate, industrial establishment and liaison office / branch office / partnership incorporations, articles for incorporation (MEMART), TIN, trademark agreements, stock certificates, buy & sell agreements, stock subscription agreements etc.

Moreover, the fast evolving banking regulations often require key legal advice at the right juncture for guidance and advice. The firm is equipped with the right set of lawyers with transactional banking knowledge and experience. Our highly experienced team is proficient at structuring financial and legal models in advising and representing clients’ interests in regulatory matters relating to capital markets, financial regulation, compliance, enforcement and general banking. Our banking and financial practice team consists of lawyers with in-depth knowledge on the banking industries from regulatory, transactional and litigation perspectives.

In addition to that, Corporate due diligence is another factor which is of paramount importance and highly prescribed before entering into any major transaction with a target company and share our clients’ ambitions in minimizing their risk exposure enabling them to make practical and strategic decisions with a full depiction of the underlying facts. Our legal team assists clients by conducting due diligence and assessing the legal position and credibility of their potential business partners before committing to major transactions like joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, transfer of shares, commercial lease, etc. Our professionals bring extensive experience to clients by carrying out due diligence of corporate documents, deeds and records, capital and shareholding structures, credit standing, valuation of assets, intellectual property, filings etc. through unique integrated approach. We help our clients in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a target company whether in terms of M&A, potential contractual relationship or direct takeover.

A corporate structure, may it be asset finance or corporate finance, insurance or investment funds, real estate or securitization never remains complete without the issue of taxation. The firm, thereby, tends to provide diligent advice on both commercial and personal taxation. We represent businesses and NGOs in their tax matters. Furthermore, our team is also specialized in advising international organizations and foreign investors on tax issues in order to avoid double taxation and benefit from the bilateral treaties between Bangladesh and many other foreign states.

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