Cross Border Transactions

As per the global index, Bangladesh remains to be the heart of many cross border transactions. For international business to be effective, especially in countries like Bangladesh, it needs smooth flow of goods and services across borders

Shawn Novel and Associates tend to resolve the potential legal issues from commencement to expansion of such operations and services. We assist and guide the foreign entities in their investments in Bangladesh and provide counsel on aspects of inception, growth, repatriation and taxation. Depending on the form of investment, our counsels devise the appropriate strategic and legal models that allow the angel investors and the entrepreneurs to meet their specific needs in a secure platform. Our skills are dedicated at providing quality service to the foreign corporations to operate in Bangladesh and enabling them to meet the regulatory requirements for safe and timely repatriation of profits with approvals from BIDA and Bangladesh Bank.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) primarily assumes the form of establishment of business operations or acquiring business assets in a different country, through ownership or controlling interest in a foreign company. The firm has developed itself as a one-stop center for all types of Foreign Direct Investments, both commercial and industrial. We have the requisite experience and skills in setting up foreign businesses in Bangladesh, advising corporate clients from the region and around the world.

While conducting business in Bangladesh, local and foreign companies often face the need to enter into joint ventures as well. Our lawyers adopt a practical approach in combining the international regulations and guidelines and unify them in light of the applicable laws of Bangladesh to achieve consistency. In devising the right legal vehicle for joint ventures, our team provides one-stop services to the investors starting from formation to compliance. Our emphasis lies in simplifying the legal complexities and helping the companies to achieve their desired growth in consideration of the market and applicable laws.

Moreover, in the context of the modern corporate finance world, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are imperative to organizational growth and diversity. Our lawyers have acted on a significant number of M&A transactions ensuring that our clients receive best quality advice with rightful investigations, in both domestic and international markets for investments and growth in new territories. Our services include but are not limited to due diligence, corporate advice, preparing shareholders agreements, developing and analyzing the feasible merger models and providing representations. We specialize in devising models for effective M&A both in the context of local and cross border transactions. Our primary goal is to understand the clients’ transactional challenges, minimize the risks and provide realistic and sensible solutions.

Project finance concerns the legal work required for the development, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of major industrial and infrastructure projects such as power plants, chemical plants, pipelines, transmission lines, roads, airports, seaports, and stadiums. Thereby, the firm also seeks to provide a complete solution to any project financing issues which arise from structuring, financing, government rules and regulations, construction and other contractual issues which cross national and international boundaries. Our balance of skill set includes due diligence review about the risks in project documents, drafting the financing documents (such as credit agreement, security documents and note purchase agreements etc.), risk allocation, reviewing the legal compatibility of project agreements and advising on relevant security packages.

Other than that, Public pronouncements are of paramount importance, particularly in the context of developing countries like Bangladesh where infrastructural and development works are often funded by donor organizations and the contracts themselves are given out to private parties through tenders. Our expertise extends to the international sectors and we have advised and been retained by clients on a broad array of matters ranging from guidance on notification of award and setting up branch office in Bangladesh to contract disputes and claims against subcontractors.

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