Shawn Novel & Associates has long-term strategic focus on industries that are being disrupted by technology, and nowhere is this truer than in media and entertainment. Our digital Media and entertainment practice bring together intellectual property, technology, marketing, commercial, corporate, competition, and disputes skillful associates to advice on complex, cross-border transactions and commercial matters. Our experience includes representing clients on numerous high-profile, high-value transactions in the digital media industry. Our entertainment services include advices on publishing content, negotiating and drafting industry-specific media related contracts, advising on film making regulations, and devising and implementing strategies to protection of intellectual property. Clients benefit from our cross-practice expertise and commercial advice on digital media, communications, intellectual property, competition and corporate finance matters. Our team is up to date with the evolving laws and responds accordingly to the paradigm shift being experienced first-hand by our clients. We have advised clients and their affiliates on supporting businesses across the media and entertainment sector, from content creation to distribution, both locally and internationally.