Shawn Novel & Associates offers the service of complete due diligence to its clients, be it FCPA or multi aspect corporate review. Due diligence is the prerequisite of secured financing or investment and of necessity in the context of mergers and acquisitions. We are experienced in facilitating the parties with due diligence for debt financing, equity financing, joint ventures and other forms of investments. For foreign investors effective due diligence is of high necessity to identify the risk factors and in analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the target. In exercise of due diligence of any personnel or corporation we analyze and build models ranging from the inception of a corporation to a detailed review of its accounts and audits, asset structures, investment portfolios, litigation involvements, properties and stake holdings in subsidiaries for a sound assessment of risk factors. In addition to corporate due diligence, our specialization extends to property due diligence be it for commercial or residential purpose. We carry out detailed due diligence on the range issues that may encumber a property ranging from the chain of ownership to third party liens and mortgages and other claims. Our strength in assessing the risks and feasibility of an investment is unparalleled when it comes to due diligence.