Factory and environmental compliance issues are now part of daily life for most businesses and the lawyers of Shawn Novel & Associates advise multi-national companies on this issue on a regular basis. Our legal team understands that our clients seek high quality legal advice with in depth understanding of environmental and factory related laws, policy and regulations. The modern economic developments in the climate change arena and the factory matters are raising difficulties for the business community. Regulatory demands, land contamination, habitat protection, international environmental policies, human rights and other compliance issues are affecting both processes and products, as well as create liabilities in business transactions. Our team consists of specialists, commercially focused on factory and environmental law and they are experts on advising on all aspects of land, industries, environmental, product and trade law and liabilities. We have long-standing expertise in a wide range of regulatory issues affecting our clients’ supply chains and the movement of our clients’ products. We are skilled at evaluating property and environmental impacts associated with real estate and business transactions, including drafting indemnification and other contractual terms to protect against the impact of environmental and toxic tort liabilities and our legal  footprint can provide a one-stop service for domestic and international businesses.