According to chapter 19 of the Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Transactions2018 (GFET), Vol-1 , it has been decided that ADs may issue International Debit Cards in favor of eligible persons against their annual travel entitlements, subject to observance of the following instructions: (a) IDCs shall be issued within annual travel entitlement with endorsement on passports, inter alia; (b) ADs shall have suitable arrangement in the local currency accounts to which IDCs are linked so as to be ensured that amount in foreign exchange cannot be expensed in excess of endorsement within the annual travel entitlement; (c) The local currency accounts to which IDCs are linked shall have sufficient fund to support the expenses to be met from the cards; alternatively, ADs should retain endorsed amount equivalent in Taka from local currency accounts in the margin accounts to be maintained in the names of customers for smooth adjustment of the expenses incurred through IDCs; (d) ADs shall satisfy themselves that IDCs under this authorization and prevailing ICCs/IPCs shall be mutually exclusive.