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Shawn S. Novel, Esq.

LL. B. (Hons.), Cardiff University

LL.M., Cornell Law School

Barrister at Law of Lincoln’s Inn

Attorney at Law, New York, USA

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Mr. Shawn S. Novel is a Barrister at Law of England and Wales and licensed to practice in the USA as Attorney at Law admitted in the New York State Bar. He is also an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. His concentration on business law and financial institutions during his LL.M. at Cornell Law School has equipped him with the right set of tools to gain an international perspective of business and the legal conduits essential in addressing clients’ needs. Having practiced as attorney in a New York based law firm and litigated before the Federal Courts, he has gained a deep and thorough understanding of ethics, values and principles of international workplaces and has instilled and incorporated the same in his firm in Bangladesh.

Mr. Novel is specialized in international commercial law and cross-border transactions with paramount experience on devising models for entities in setting up ventures across borders. He has worked as a transactional lawyer in Thailand and has structured deals in Southeast Asia having advised clients from Hong Kong and Singapore and understands the regional market. Currently he advises MNCs on investment and corporate strategies in Bangladesh with heavy focus on finance and real estate. Mr. Novel oversees the Corporate, M&A, ADR, Commercial and Litigation wings of the firm personally.

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