International business transactions converge on the transaction process across borders. For international business to be effective, especially in countries like Bangladesh, it needs smooth flow of goods and services across borders. Shawn Novel and Associates works to resolve the potential legal issues from commencement to expansion of operations and services. We assist and guide the foreign entities in their investments in Bangladesh and provide counsel on aspects of inception, growth, repatriation and taxation. Our expertise focuses on a wide variety of transactions including international trade, investment, financing, technology transfer and licensing and foreign agent representation. We maintain relationships with other law firms and attorneys and assist our clients in evaluating factors in multiple jurisdictions. Equipped with comprehensive skills in the field of international law pertaining to multinational businesses and transactions, we advise our clients on structuring joint ventures and with legal safeguards; draft key documents in structuring M&A and collaborative arrangements; represent clients in foreign jurisdictions on contentious and non-contentious matters; and most importantly, we assure our clients in providing the best legal representation committed to protecting their interests.