Joint ventures (JV) are the cornerstones for achieving higher business goals through expansion and diversification. The JV model is highly appealing to investors for it allows two or more parties to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing projects and achieving growth without committing their respective businesses and capital permanently. Shawn Novel & Associates is skilled at structuring and drafting various types of JV agreements catering to the individual and collective needs and goals. Local and foreign companies often face the need to enter into joint ventures while conducting businesses in Bangladesh. The local and international markets and the commercial environments are governed by different principles and guidelines. Our lawyers adopt a practical approach in combining the international regulations and guidelines and unify them in light of the applicable laws of Bangladesh to achieve consistency. In devising the right legal vehicle for joint ventures, our team provides one-stop services to the investors starting from formation to compliance. Our emphasis lies in simplifying the legal complexities and helping the companies to achieve their desired growth in consideration of the market and applicable laws.