Legal Services in Bangladesh

Shawn Novel and Associates is a full service law firm. SNA has been providing top quality legal services in Bangladesh and internationally. SNA is considered as a top corporate law firm in Bangladesh as per Chambers and Partners. SNA boasts a diverse clientele ranging from start-ups, group of companies to renowned companies and brands abroad. The Head of the Firm, Barrister Shawn Novel is a tri-qualified lawyer with years of experiences working in New York as an Attorney at Law, Bangkok as International Consultant and an Advocate of the Supreme Court in Bangladesh. He is a Barrister-at-law of the Lincoln’s Inn, UK. 

  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Corporate and Compliance
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment and Labor

Cross Border Transactions

Shawn Novel and Associates tend to resolve the potential legal issues from commencement to expansion of such operations and services. We assist and guide the foreign entities in their investments in Bangladesh and provide counsel on aspects of inception, growth, repatriation and taxation. Depending on the form of investment, our counsels devise the appropriate strategic and legal models that allow the angel investors and the entrepreneurs to meet their specific needs in a secure platform. Our skills are dedicated at providing quality service to the foreign corporations to operate in Bangladesh and enabling them to meet the regulatory requirements for safe and timely repatriation of profits with approvals from BIDA and Bangladesh Bank.

Corporate and Compliance

Legal advises on internal management, employment issues and third party relations are of paramount importance with the growth and expansion of the commercial sector. Shawn Novel and Associates offers a wide spectrum of services designed for the unique needs of a corporation. We are proficient at providing services essential to the core functions of corporate counsels on matters of licensing, product safety, sale of business, mergers and acquisitions, corporate due diligence, office management and discipline, real estate and regulatory compliance, other in-house facilities.

We have successfully represented numerous multi-national corporations by helping them setup their presence in Bangladesh through incorporation in the most feasible legal form. We guide our clients in contract negotiations, preparation and review, franchising, facilities acquisition (lease or purchase), employment issues, commercial code and general business matters, corporate, industrial establishment and liaison office / branch office / partnership incorporations, articles for incorporation (MEMART), TIN, trademark agreements, stock certificates, buy & sell agreements, stock subscription agreements etc.

Construction and Real Estate

Factory and environmental compliance issues are now part of daily life for most businesses and the lawyers of Shawn Novel & Associates advise multi-national companies on this issue on a regular basis. Our legal team understands that our clients seek high quality legal advice with in depth understanding of environmental and factory related laws, policy and regulations. Regulatory demands, land contamination, habitat protection, international environmental policies, human rights and other compliance issues are affecting both processes and products, as well as create liabilities in business transactions. We are skilled at evaluating property and environmental impacts associated with real estate and business transactions, including drafting indemnification and other contractual terms to protect against the impact of environmental and toxic tort liabilities and our legal  footprint can provide a one-stop service for domestic and international businesses

Commercial Transactions

Shawn Novel & Associates has exceptional capabilities in capital restructuring. Our team’s experiences cover the advices on planning, debt restructuring, sales, insolvency proceedings and out-of-court refinancing. Furthermore, we advise borrowers and investors on different levels of the capital structure as well as the corporations, banks, trustees and public institutions. Our team is able to solve various complex cross border issues with failing companies and non-preforming loans for multi-jurisdictional domestic and international insolvency proceedings and out of court workouts and also work closely in related practice areas including finance, corporate, real estate, employment, pensions, tax, environment, regulatory, capital markets and litigation to provide a seamless and integrated service.

Dispute Resolution

With the busy schedules of courts and the complexities of litigation particularly in light of cross border transactions, arbitration has become a chosen resort for speedy and cheaper solution to resolving disputes. Shawn Novel & Associates has a specialized group of experts who are internationally trained and experienced in different aspects of arbitration. With the increase of international trade, the applicability of UNCITRAL model laws, the New York Convention and ICC rules have become increasingly significant in the context of international commercial arbitrations.  We believe in coping with the new developments and delivering the best to our clients, so we have acquired comprehensive and unsurpassed knowledge of this aspect of legal world. Our lawyers are particularly apt at local and international commercial arbitrations involving corporations, construction companies, and power plants. Our pride is in securing and enforcing arbitral awards and judgments through our experience, skills and the technical know-how.

Employment and Labor

The key legislation, in this respect, is the Labor Act of Bangladesh and the supplementary laws. Shawn Novel & Associates is equipped in guiding its valuable clients through the compliance requirement of applicable governing laws. Often the companies operating in Bangladesh tend to face difficulties in comprehension and compliance of rapidly changing labor laws, be it in the form of implementation of employment policies or governance of workers at factories. Nonetheless, we deliver our clients with strategic, management-level advice on crucial employment, remuneration, termination, compensation and benefits-related issues, as well as on day-to-day compliance and complex legal issues. Our practical advices are recognized by our clients in all forms of industries and our legal services in Bangladesh