Mediation is a fast evolving form of ADR and gaining grounds in different industries given its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Mediation involves bringing about amicable settlements outside courts. Shawn Novel & Associates presents the best solutions for clients complementing their needs with advanced independent proposals. On a need basis we engage third party mediators depending on the industry and client needs. Our professional and experienced mediators provide services to our clients in local and cross-border matters involving simple low-cost methods of resolving a wide range of civil disputes. Mediation helps clients avoid costs and overcome multi-jurisdictional challenges. Our emphasis lies in feasible, cost-effective and speedy resolution of disputes. Most notably, we focus on settling disputes at early stages of development and help win our clients an affordable and satisfactory outcome. We provide our services in assisting clients to resolve disputes regardless of the industry involved, ranging from contract and consumer disputes to corporate deadlocks, personal injury claims, professional negligence and family disputes.