Shawn Novel & Associates offers comprehensive services ranging from regulatory and compliance matters to strategic legal advice, tailored to the particular needs of the national and multinational property sectors. Our team of lawyers is equipped to advise local and international financial institutions in the infrastructural sector. The team possesses deep knowledge of the industry and vets loan agreements, security trustee agreements, syndicated loan agreements, deeds of guarantee, mortgage deeds, hypothecation deeds, assignment deeds, trust and retention account agreements, escrow agreements, and proficient at drafting and executing the requisite financial documents pertinent to the jurisdiction of the client-corporations or financial institutions. We have long standing experience in the field of finance and property law and offer a full range of legal services to protect our clients’ proprietary rights. Shawn Novel & Associates is committed at providing comprehensive legal services to mortgage and hypothecation, banking and financial services industries through quality, timely, efficient and ethical solutions. We are skilled at representing clients at special tribunals and structuring financial and corporate solutions through alternate dispute resolutions. Our team provides legal services in all areas of mortgage banking and hypothecation in Bangladesh and abroad.