Project finance concerns the legal work required for the development, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of major industrial and infrastructure projects such as power plants, chemical plants, pipelines, transmission lines, roads, airports, seaports, and stadiums. Here at Shawn Novel & Associates, we seek to provide a complete solution to all your project financing issues which arise from structuring, financing, government rules and regulations, construction and other contractual issues which cross national and international boundaries. The most challenging aspect of project financing is to deal with various international jurisdictions which our Law Firm undertakes with the highest level of proficiency and discipline. We have regularly represented clients involved in infrastructure projects all over the world, and more often than not these projects are in less developed economies as those are often the places where additional infrastructures are most needed. Shawn Novel & Associates has a very diverse legal practice in order to stay quick and flexible, regardless of what state the economy is in. Our experts advise the asset management companies, governments, construction companies and lenders on projects and project financings across the energy, infrastructure, mining and telecommunications sector throughout the world. Our balance of skill set includes due diligence review about the risks in project documents, drafting the financing documents (such as credit agreement, security documents and note purchase agreements etc.), risk allocation, reviewing the legal compatibility of project agreements and advising on relevant security packages. Striving to be one step ahead of all other competitors, our team develops innovative ways to tackle complex matter and provide practical commercial advice to complete even the most intricate transactions.