Public pronouncements are of paramount importance, particularly in the context of developing countries like Bangladesh where infrastructural and development work are often funded by donor organizations and the contracts themselves are given out to private parties through tenders. The private contractors need acute legal guidance from the bidding stage to procurement and post-procurement subcontracting stage. Every step involves thorough due diligence, contract drafting and review and tax implications. All of these stages also require transparency and accountability by tendering authorities to the donor organizations. The Public Procurement Act supplemented by the Rules govern the procurement process in Bangladesh. However, there are a number of matters that have to be taken into account in winning an award and thereafter commencing operation. Depending on the work in question, clients often seek our advice on the type of legal presence, subcontracting, repatriation and fund management surrounding a procurement contract.  Shawn Novel & Associates has in-depth knowledge and vast experiences in addressing various public procurement matters. Our expertise extends to the international sectors and we have advised and been retained by clients on a broad array of matters ranging from guidance on notification of award and setting up branch office in Bangladesh to contract disputes and claims against subcontractors.