Shawn Novel & Associates has a specialized team of tax experts who are competent in advising individuals as well as corporations. May it be asset finance or corporate finance, insurance or investment funds, real estate or securitization; we provide our proper advice on both commercial and personal taxation. We understand our clients’ need and deal with their matters in a professionally sound manner. We represent businesses and NGOs in their tax matters. In addition to that our team is also specialized in advising international organizations and foreign investors on tax issues in order to avoid double taxation and benefit from the bilateral treaties between Bangladesh and many other foreign states. Along with the advice and service at times clients are in need for representation in any kind of tax dispute or tribunal. We also represent them on disputes, investigation or negotiation with relevant tax authorities. Shawn Novel & Associates’ tax specialists are well trained in handling such disputes as well as we believe in providing a one stop quality service to assure optimum satisfaction of our clients.