Shawn Novel & Associates is an experienced law firm specialized in the field of construction and turnkey projects. We assist our clients in structuring legally substantial and procedural compliant real estate investment plans. We also devise contracts and powers of attorney enabling our clients to handle complicated legal issues in supra real estate projects. For turnkey projects, our lawyers are equipped at advising clients on construction and delivery procedures, cost effective land and building solutions and compliance protocols. Turnkey construction agreements with separately procured machineries and equipment usually involves large single expenditures for project developments. A lot of our experience revolves around construction agreements, be it in drafting and negotiating such agreements on behalf of appointed or independent project developers or reviewing and analyzing them on behalf of donors, investors or lenders. We have advised on prominent real estate projects in Bangladesh, providing our clients with simple solutions to complex legal problems pertinent to restrictions and compliance requirements and leasing documentations. Our services are competitive in terms of devising safe solutions for clients and preventing costly mistakes particularly in cross border transactions involving contracts awarded to foreign corporations on tender basis.  Our legal advice are dispensed by dedicated legal professionals efficient at structuring cost-effective legal solutions needed to close a deal and manage the client’s legal affairs thereafter. In other words, our turnkey legal services are geared at providing one stop services to our clients and their affiliates not only in closing a deal, but also in managing the ongoing operations of purchased assets, construction site and dealings with the subcontractors.